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Octo Fund is a leading litigation fund that specializes in legal funding for law firms and corporations all over the world. Based in London, we provide tailored funding solutions and expertise that supports commercial disputes. 


Arbitration and litigation funding generally covers the payment in full of lawyers, experts and court fees.  The Calunius Funds will also make provision for adverse costs to be covered in the event that proceedings are unsuccessful, and the costs of the other side have to be paid.


Our multi-disciplinary team, comprised of the top professionals in law and finance, employ a strategic approach to legal finance while catering to clients. We provide expert advice and deliver seamless services, according to our effective funding model. 


Our funding covers more than the arbitration and litigation funding standard. In addition to full coverage of lawyers, experts and court fees, we also either fully or partially fund the adverse costs to the other side.


We provide more than just capital. Enterprises and investors who use our support with arbitration and litigation cases gain crucial advice on legal procedures, expert analysis of their claim and highly accurate risk assessment. During the process, our clients can pursue their claim with a reduced financial risk as well as the standard covering of the trial costs and possible covering of the damage claimed by the opponent.




Arbitration can be a complex and drawn-out process that requires experienced funders with an understanding of the internal mechanism of the proceedings. Our team is highly experienced in finding resourceful solutions for complex international arbitration cases. We fund arbitration proceedings focusing on commercial disputes between businesses or investors. Our support enables our clientele to alleviate risk from arbitration costs and assists them throughout the tedious process that may involve stakeholders from multiple jurisdictions. We also specialize in cases of state arbitration, dealing with breach of bilateral investment treaties or expropriation.

Case Assessment

Prior to taking on a litigation or arbitration case with a client, we look for several criteria to ensure the claim is fundable. We primarily look for claims with good prospects of success, and that it’s value should be a higher than the costs of pursing it all the way through trial. We then take to assessing the merit of the legal arguments and evidence supporting the claim, the costs of the trial and potential adverse costs, and analyze the likeliness of all the factors taken into account to change throughout the trial. 

We also request to evaluate the case materials before the claim is filed, which optimally include all principle documents, witness statements, court documents, a written legal opinion and justification and estimate of costs to be incurred in proceeding with the litigation.


Our litigation funding enables our clients a fair process, untainted of the daunting prospect of being out funded by their opponent and therefore losing their chance at a fair pursuit of justice. With Octo Fund, we find the most effective and suitable way to redress the balance of legal claims. Our secure capital funds, combined with our team’s legal and finance expertise, enables us to alleviate as much of the cost and risk as you need to pursue justice and complete the litigation process. Our funding includes lawyers’ fees, expert witnesses, court fees and more, as well as the possible damage paid to the other side’s costs if the claim is unsuccessful.

Our Value Proposition

Octo Fund does not offer a fixed price for our services, but rather assesses every case individually, taking into account the specific needs and merits and pricing accordingly. In return for taking on substantial financial risk, Octo collects a percentage of the winnings or damages recovered in the case of success. However, if the case is unsuccessful, we do not receive any payment and may be obliged to cover the other side’s costs.



Many claimants choose not to litigate because of lack of funding or an unwillingness to take on the risk of a lengthy trial or an unsuccessful outcome. At Octo, we believe that litigation risks should be routinely managed, just like any other financial risks that all businesses face. In order to provide assistance in risk management on a routine basis, as well as support during disputes, we assess our client’s claims and supporting materials and take on the costs of the litigation. 


Most litigation fund clients are medium sized claimant businesses that have disputes with larger entities, such as the state. These clients are mostly virtually insolvent in comparison to their counterparts and feel stressed and under resourced to pursue trial. We provide them with the funding and expertise that equalizes them to their higher statured opponent.



We provide extensive wealth and asset recovery services, an important strength for many businesses during their litigation and arbitration trials. It is evident that in multiple cases, companies are sentenced unpaid judgements when their losing opponent refuses to pay or hides their assets offshore. 


To eliminate this outcome, we offer unrivaled global asset tracing and corporate intelligence services. We use both database research and analysis as well as human intelligence to uncover our client’s opponent’s global assets. This includes not only direct assets but also providing evidence of beneficiary ownership. Our services ensure judgement debts are paid in full, and assist with realizing a timely settlement and swift monetization.



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